How to order cantilever rack

Questions to Ask When Ordering Cantilever Rack for Your Warehouse

How to order cantilever rackHello and welcome back to another edition of Cantilever Rack 101. Today we are discussing how to order cantilever racking and what questions to ask along the way. Knowing the correct answer to the questions below could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. These simple yet important questions are vital to the success when shopping for a cantilever style rack systems. Did you know that ordering the wrong size or style of cantilever rack can cause serious injury or death in your warehouse. Similar to other styles of racking, cantilever has weight limits and restrictions per shelf level and also as a overall system that need to be carefully monitored. If you decide to ignore these weight restrictions and warnings you are increasing the risk of failure for that system. Too often warehouse managers skip the research aspect of this purchase and go directly to price and cost savings of a system rather than ensure the right system is quoted to them. So if you are interested in ordering cantilever rack for your warehouse we highly recommend that you take a second and answer the below questions thoroughly.
Question #1
What Type of product are you storing?
a) What are the dimensions? Length x Width/Depth x Height
b) What does each load weigh?
c) Is the load stored on a pallet? Will the load  have any possible deflection between arms?
d) What is the amount of product to be stored?
Question #2
How many loads will be stored per level? Will they double stack?
Question #3
Do you want single or double sided storage?
Question #4
What is the size of the area where the rack will be located (including height)?

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