Prest Cantilever Rack

Prest Rack’s Cantilever System: Your Solution for Ideal Storage

Prest cantilever rack is no longer manufactured but can be found used through Cantilever Rack Now depending on availability! Prest Rack, Inc. was a leading manufacturer and supplier of material handling storage solutions throughout the United States. Established in 1979, the Company operated from its manufacturing facility at 500 Insbrook Lane, Brookings, SD 57006. Prest Rack, Inc. offers an extensive range of products, including teardrop-style selective rack systems, structural racks, cantilever racks, rack-supported buildings, structural mezzanine systems, and engineered dynamic storage systems. Call 888-680-2256 or fill out a quote form today!

Innovative Cantilever System

Creating the ideal storage rack system was easier with Prest Rack’s highly innovative Cantilever system. It’s precisely what you need to manage unbalanced loads of differing weights, sizes, and shapes.

Versatile Applications

The Cantilever system thrives in the most rugged environments – constructed of heavy roll-formed steel for maximum strength and durability. Whether in warehouses, large retail environments, discount club stores, industrial storage areas, or any location where uneven loads presented a problem, Cantilever provided a robust, durable, accommodating solution for stacking and storage.

Essential Elements for Custom Solutions

The Cantilever system comprised several essential elements, including single- and double-sided columns, diagonal bracing, channel arm load rails, beam ties, and 3” adjustable load arms. The possibilities were endless for creating precisely the storage system you needed by combining these elements.

Unprecedented Convenience

The cantilever presented a new level of ease and accessibility in stacking and storage. It offered the convenience of continuous shelves at different levels, making it a boon for businesses and industries dealing with long and multi-length items. The system also featured an innovative 2 x 6 “saddle” used between arms for added support when stacking large deck items such as furniture.

Efficient Assembly

The cantilever was quick and easy to assemble. It saved time and installation costs while achieving a highly professional look that was sturdy, durable, and convenient to use.

Prest Cantilever Rack PunchingCustomizable Finishes

Powder epoxy finish was electrostatically applied to ensure 100% even coverage. The surface was impact and corrosion-resistant, providing a tuff but smooth finish. Choose from 10 high-gloss colors to match your workspace aesthetics.

Prest Rack Inc’s Famous Prest Lock 1 Pallet Rack Systems

Prest Rack Inc. was famous for its Prest Lock 1 Pallet Rack Systems, known as the original Webb Rack, Slide-N-Lock, and Jervis Webb. This system featured a patented boltless design with greater strength and durability. The special wrap-around connection distributed the load between the post and connector over a greater surface area, eliminating point loading.

Roll-Formed Beams

Prest Lock 1 Pallet Rack Systems included roll-formed beams locked in place by a spring clip, adding convenience to move the beam levels as the warehouse needs change. These beams were structurally sound, featuring an integral step for decking, and enclosed for clean applications such as a food warehouse.

Structurally Superior Uprights

Prest Lock 1 Upright was designed with 1” x 2” horizontals and 1” x 1” diagonals, producing a more structurally superior member than angle bracing. Whether you had a cantilever application or needed assistance with your next project, Prest Rack Inc. was ready to help. Reach out via email, chat, call, or by submitting a form.

Although Prest Rack is no longer in business, we can retrofit or locate components to complete your new or existing system. Whether optimizing your warehouse storage, enhancing retail displays, or organizing industrial spaces, Prest Rack’s Cantilever system remains your ultimate solution for efficient and durable storage. Call 888-680-2256 or fill out a quote form today!