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Delve into the fascinating history of cantilever technology, dating back to its early days in 1667, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The term “cantilever” has retained its meaning over the centuries, signifying a specific architectural and engineering marvel. One notable example is the Forth Bridge in Scotland, constructed in 1890, showcasing the ingenious application of cantilever technology in bridge-building.

As industrialization burgeoned during the Industrial Revolution, warehouses demanded advanced storage solutions. Cantilever racking emerged as a game-changer, offering efficient storage for lengthy and bulky materials.

At Cantilever Rack Now, we understand the paramount importance of safety alongside innovation. We collaborate with leading manufacturers such as Hannibal Rack, Interlake, Konstant, Cogan, Frazier, Heartland Steel Products, Ridgurak, Spacerak, Speedrack, Unarco, and many more.

Empowered by the expertise of SEMA and Storage Equipment Experts, we provide cutting-edge cantilever racking systems tailored to your warehouse requirements. Explore our comprehensive range of solutions, from storage systems to safety protocols. Contact us for a personalized quote or expert assistance in designing your following warehouse layout. Experience the synergy of history, innovation, and safety with Cantilever Rack Now.

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