Double-sided cantilever rack vs. single-sided cantilever rack

Double-Sided Cantilever Rack Vs. Single-Sided Cantilever Rack

What is Double-Sided Cantilever Racking?

Double-sided cantilever racking

Double-sided cantilever racking is a cantilever rack system with storage arms protruding on either side. This style facilitates product picking from both sides of the system. Double-sided systems store twice as much inventory as single-sided systems with instant accessibility to a single piece or full load. 

Single-sided uprights can be converted to double-sided when used with longer bases. Longer bases accommodate the placement of arms on both sides. 

Double-sided cantilever racks consist of two single-sided systems bolted together. Other times, they are pre-manufactured (welded) as a double-sided system. Most cantilever racking is equipped with pre-drilled holes. Users can choose to bolt them together into a double-sided system if desired.

It is best to store uniform loads on both sides of a system if possible, but not essential. As long as the loads are evenly distributed, the bases are long enough, and the arms are rated for the capacity that is being stored, there should not be an issue if one side holds more than the other.

Multiple double-sided runs established side-by-side in a warehouse create aisles. You may need more or less cantilever racking depending on the number of products. Some warehouses only require a small section of cantilever racking, while others may solely utilize this rack style.

Common Double-Sided Cantilever Rack Applications  

There isn’t a cut-and-dry answer for what kinds of products require double-sided racking. It’s more about the quantity and how many different types of products a business needs to store. However, some large-scale applications require so much long-product storage that double-sided cantilever racking is inevitable.  

A business with enough oblong products to fill a significant space may need rows of double-sided racking. Here are some of the most common candidates for double-sided cantilever racking:

Cantilever lumber storageLumber Industry

Lumber yards typically use double-sided systems to store various lengths and sizes of wood. Cantilever lumber racks are perfect for storing plywood, lumber, logs, and other heavy lumber materials. Lumber yards often break out one length and type of lumber per cantilever level. Depending on the number of product variations and SKUs in a single facility, the business may require many lumber system storage levels. 

Cantilever steel storageSteel Industry

The steel industry works with pipes, rebar, steel sheets, and more that may require cantilever storage. With many different lengths and gauges of steel, these facilities often benefit from rows of double-sided cantilever racking. Each system with different load capacities. 

Cantilever PVC pipe storagePlumbing and Irrigation

PVC pipes and other plumbing or city irrigation materials typically require double-sided cantilever racking. Industries that handle such materials typically handle a lot of said materials.

Cantilever furniture storageFurniture Industry

Cantilever racking is a great storage solution for bulky furniture. A furniture storage facility or overflow warehouse is perfect for double-sided racking.

What is Single-Sided Cantilever Racking?Single-sided cantilever racking

Single-sided cantilever racking has arms protruding from one side of the storage system only. The other side typically sits flush against a warehouse wall. If the engineer recommends, single-sided systems can bolt to the wall for additional stability. 

Single-sided cantilever racking is excellent to put against one wall as a stand-alone unit. This style is perfect for small amounts of cantilever storage. A single-sided system can be incorporated into an entire cantilever racking warehouse or with typical pallet racks. 

Common Single-Sided Cantilever Rack Applications

Single-sided cantilever racking stores less product than double-sided does. We recommend choosing a single-sided system if you only have enough product to fill a single wall. 

Benefits of Cantilever Racking

Whether you need double or single-sided cantilever racking, each has its benefits. Cantilever racking stores long, awkward products incompatible with typical pallet racking. This rack style offers greater storage flexibility and customization options. One such customization is double or single-sided depending on how much product needs to be stored. 

If you think you may need single or double-sided cantilever racking, contact CRN. We can help you choose the right cantilever rack system and style for your storage purposes — Call 888-680-2256 for help today.

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