Unarco Cantilever Rack

Elevate Your Storage Solutions with Unarco Cantilever Rack

Shop Unarco cantilever rack through Cantilever Rack Now! Whether you need to store lumber, steel, furniture, appliances, or any other hard-to-store items of long lengths or awkward designs, Unarco cantilever rack offers the perfect solution.

Unarco Cantilever System Highlights:

Unarco cantilever rack is designed to accommodate a wide range of materials, including:

  • Lumber and PlywoodUnarco Furniture Cantilever Side View
  • Steel and Extrusions
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Pipe and Conduit
  • Building Materials

These heavy-duty cantilever racks are customizable to hold any size load. With adjustable arms in 3″ increments, we tailor each system to meet your specific storage needs. Whether you require a single-sided or double-sided configuration, we have the flexibility to maximize your warehouse space efficiently.

Unique Features of Unarco Cantilever Rack:

What sets Unarco cantilever rack apart? Let us explain:

  • Unarco Cantilever Rack - Wedge ConnectorKey-Wedge Pin Connectors: These connectors offer easy and reliable assembly, ensuring years of service. Superior to conventional bolts and nuts, one UNARCO Cantilever pin is equivalent to five 5/8-inch bolts in shear strength. The Key-edge pin remains stable on the column, even during loading and unloading.
  • Positive Locking Arms: Cantilever arms feature a positive locking mechanism, ensuring stability and safety. Easily adjustable, arms can be reconfigured to accommodate changing product needs.

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

Did you know that investing in Unarco cantilever racks can lead to significant cost savings and increased warehouse efficiency? By streamlining loading and unloading processes and reducing vertical obstructions for forklift drivers, businesses can expect to save thousands of dollars annually. Moreover, the customizable base guide rails ensure quick and easy operation, further enhancing productivity and safety in your facility.

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Texas Manufacturing Facility 501 East Purnell Rd. Lewisville, Texas 75057

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