Cogan Cantilever Rack

Discover the Versatility of Cogan Cantilever Rack Solutions

Cogan Cantilever Rack is the ultimate solution for your industrial storage needs. Whether you’re facing the challenge of handling medium to extra heavy-duty loads or maximizing floor space in narrow aisles, Cogan cantilever rack has you covered. We offer Cogan versatile and adjustable racking systems that are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments while offering unmatched durability and efficiency. Call 888-680-2256 or fill out a quote form today and check out our Cogan cantilever racking offerings below!

Cogan indoor-storage-cantilever-rackingStructural Cantilever Racking

Our structural cantilever racking is the epitome of versatility. It’s adjustable, extremely durable, and easily handles your most demanding storage jobs. Designed for storing short, long, or awkwardly shaped items, our structural cantilever racking features a unique arm system allowing easy front loading without obstruction. With punched holes running the full height of each column upright, adaptability and versatility are guaranteed for all your storage requirements.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Cantilever RackingCogan Very Narrow Aisle Cantilever

When floor space is limited, our very narrow aisle (VNA) cantilever racking maximizes efficiency without compromising storage capacity. Narrow racking is the perfect solution for those seeking strength and efficiency in tight spaces. Contact us to discuss narrow aisle racking for your facility today!

L or T Shed Cantilever Racking (Cantilever Roof)Cogan L or T Shed Cantilever

Protect outdoor storage from harsh weather conditions with our L or T shed cantilever racking. Whether snow, sleet, ice, or rain, our outdoor cantilever racking solutions and cantilever roof design ensure your items remain safe and secure in any environment. Inquire about a cantilever roof today for your cantilever racking system!

Storage Applications Galore

The applications of Cogan cantilever racking are endless. From mobile cantilever racks to lumberyard cantilever racks four-season storage to construction, Cogan cantilever rack systems are ready to tackle your next project easily.

Cogan Cantilever Product Details

Cogan cantilever racking is built to last, with structural steel components guaranteeing superior strength. The durable powder-coated paint finish offers resilient protection for indoor applications, while polyurethane liquid paint ensures enhanced durability for outdoor use. Choose between straight or inclined arms, with optional removable arm and base stopper pins. This racking is available in single and double-sided units to suit your needs.

Column Designs

We offer two-column designs that best suit your application: LD and HD. LD Columns utilize a 4” structural I-beam upright with a 3” vertical arm adjustment, ideal for medium- to heavy-duty loads. HD Columns use a 5” structural I-beam suitable with a 4” vertical arm adjustment, perfect for medium, heavy-, and extra heavy-duty loads.

In-Stock Locations

Did you know we carry Cogan cantilever in stock in North Carolina, Texas, and Canada? Visit our quick ship cantilever racking page to learn more, and let us help you with your next project.

Experience the strength, versatility, and durability of Cogan cantilever rack – your ultimate storage solution. Contact us today to learn more and revolutionize your industrial storage space. Call 888-680-2256 or fill out a quote form today!