How to determine the correct height

How to determine the correct height of your cantilever rack system?

Finding the Correct height of your cantilever rack system? How to determine the correct height

This question can be answered if you have the correct information.

Things you need to know:

  • What is the ceiling height in your building?
  • What is your forklift reach height?
  • Do you have sprinkler systems that may effect the rack system?
  • Are there local building codes that limit your overall rack system height?

After answering the above questions, the first thing you will need to do when measuring for the height of your upright is to measure the height of the product being stored. With that measurement you can then begin figuring out how many arm levels you can store your product on to maximize the vertical space of your warehouse. Typically the base on a cantilever rack system is 12”. So begin by using 12” for the base + your load height + 6” clearance above the load. Then add your load height plus 6” clearance for each additional arm level. Sound confusing? If so please call us or fill out a cantilever request form. As we stated before we are always here to help and ALWAYS recommend a cantilever expert when designing a rack system for your warehouse. Are you ready to buy cantilever rack?

To contact a professional, call 888-680-2256 or fill out a quote form today!

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