Cantilever arm sockets and pipes in use

Cantilever Arm Sockets

What is a Cantilever Arm Socket?

A cantilever arm bolt-on pipe socket, more commonly known as a “pipe socket” or “arm socket,” is a hollow connector piece where a pipe fastens to the end of a cantilever arm. This configuration prevents products from rolling off the end of the component. The pipe socket itself is very small and bolts directly to the end of a cantilever arm. Arm sockets do not bear any actual capacity.

Pipe sockets can be bolted or welded to the end of an arm. Sockets consist of a hollow tube for the pipe to connect. Customers can purchase pipes for the sockets separately at most local hardware stores. 

When to Use an Arm Socket and Pipe

Arm sockets and pipes, sometimes called “pipe stops,” prevent products from rolling or falling off the end of the arms – think lumber, PVC pipes, rods, or anything with a tendency to roll. Tubes attach to the arm socket vertically and can be nearly any height. 12″ is an average length for a pipe stop, but this is completely customizable depending on the need. 

Arm sockets and pipe stops are a safety measure to prevent falling objects, damaged products, and personal injury. You will typically find pipe sockets on straight arm cantilever racking

Arm Socket/Pipe Stop Alternatives

Cantilever arm lip

Cantilever arm lips are an arm socket and pipe alternative. This stopper doesn’t require an arm socket and is an independent bolt-on cantilever accessory. All cantilever arms are factory punched and compatible with bolt-on lips at any time. 

Unlike arm sockets and pipe stops, cantilever arm lips only extend an average of 2″ above the arm’s surface. You’ll typically find cantilever arm lips on straight or inclined cantilever arms. 

Inclined cantilever arms

Inclined cantilever arms are another alternative to an arm socket/pipe stop configuration. Rather than protruding from the base at a flat 90-degree angle, the arm angles upward at a 20-degree pitch. The rise allows gravity to keep rolling products in place. Inclined arms can pair with an arm stop/pipe or cantilever arm lips for added security. 

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