How To Order

When ordering Cantilever, it’s essential to know the Cantilever Rack Components. We have outlined the main components to help you identify when ordering:
Uprights: A Cantilever Upright consists of a vertical column that has a bolted or welded horizontal base. Uprights can be Single Sided or Double Sided depending if you want to store material on one side or both.
Arms: Cantilever Rack Arms are what supports your loads; they come standard straight or inclined with lip or without.
Bracing: Cantilever bracing is the structural channel members that bolt the uprights together to provide material stability to the entire rack system. You will need Bracing to complete your Cantilever system.
Questions to ask when ordering Cantilever for your warehouse: The most crucial question of all. What is the product (load) being stored? 

How to order Cantilever Rack Systems:

• Step #1: Determine the number and spacing of the arms. Measure the product you are looking to store and figure out how many arm supports will be needed to support the load properly.

• Step #2: Determine the length of the arm. Measure the width of your product and find the arms that meet or exceed your product’s width.

• Step #3: Determine how many shelf levels you would like to use and select the upright height.

• Step #4: Determine the capacities. How much will the arms and frames need to hold? To determine required capacity of each upright,  multiply the number of arms per side by the load on each arm. For example, consider a system with 1 row of 3 uprights with 4 arms per upright where each arm holds 2500 lbs. Twelve arms per side times 2500 lbs. per arm equals 30,000 lbs., which, when divided by three uprights, results in a required minimum capacity of 10,000 lbs. per upright. 

• Step #5: Determine the brace length. The product load should overhang the end arms by one-half the distance from the upright centerline to the upright centerline.