Heavy-duty cantilever racks

Heavy-Duty Cantilever Racks

Heavy-duty cantilever racks increase your options in warehouse storage. Cantilever racking comes in many shapes, sizes, and capacities. Different weight cantilever racks have higher or lower capacity ratings to serve various applications.  The two main styles of cantilever rack systems are structural or roll-formed. While structural steel racking tends to be heavier-duty from production, roll-formed…

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Cantilever arm sockets and pipes in use

Cantilever Arm Sockets

What is a Cantilever Arm Socket? A cantilever arm bolt-on pipe socket, more commonly known as a “pipe socket” or “arm socket,” is a hollow connector piece where a pipe fastens to the end of a cantilever arm. This configuration prevents products from rolling off the end of the component. The pipe socket itself is…

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