Meco Cantilever Rack Starter Unit 96″ High x 60″ Wide with 6 – 36″ Arms

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Product # 21049-01


  • 2 Upright Frames 96″ Tall with 50″ Bases
  • 60″ Brace Set of 2,
  • 6- 36″ Arms, Hardware included.
  • Floor anchors are not provided.


  • Complete Starter Cantilever Rack Unit
  • Industrial Heavy Duty Ideal for storing products that are 96-120″ Long.
  • 36″ Arms with 1,500# Capacity per level.
  • Color = Grey

These cantilever racking starter kits are built to make your life easier. They come with all the components you need and make it easy by having it fully orderable online.

Shipping Information

  • FOB – Omaha, NE 68112
  • Total Weight 600# Class 125
  • Typically ships on 1 pallet 42” wide x 96” Long x 36” High

*Freight will be calculated after the order is placed and you will then receive an email confirming updated accurate shipping.

Our 96″ High x 60″ Wide w/ 6 – 36″ Arms Cantilever Rack Starter Unit is designed for your industrial storage application. Our rack system is manufactured in the United States being stocked in Maple Grove, MN, and Omaha, NE. The first step in creating a cantilever rack system for your warehouse is purchasing a starter unit. These units begin with two uprights each with a base and also include bracing to tie the uprights together and “Brace” them. This starter unit includes 6 – 36″ Long arms that can be adjusted on 3″ centers up and down the cantilever upright column.

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