Cantilever Rack Upright Base 6
Cantilever Racks Systems MNCantilever Rack Upright Base 6

12′ High x 50” Deep Cantilever Upright & Base


Product Description

12′ High x 50” Deep Cantilever Upright & Base

Product: Cantilever Rack Upright Frame and Base

Price: $415

Our cantilever uprights consist of a vertical column 144″ High and a horizontal base  50″ Long which is bolted to the column. All installation hardware is included besides the floor anchors.
1 Upright Frames 144″ Tall with 50″ Base
Starter bays consist of using two of these upright and base kits. Our uprights have holes on 3” centers for arm spacing.
This upright and base unit has the following measurements: 144” High and 50” deep Base.

Color= Gray

These products are in stock in Maple Grove, MN and final shipping information will be provided and confirmed after your order is placed.

How To Build Your Own Custom Cantilever:
Step # 1: Select the Upright and Base Size then Add to Cart (Add 2 for a Starter Unit and 1 for an Add On Unit)
Step # 2: Select the Correct Arm Size and Capacity then Add to Cart (Add 1 per shelf level, per upright)
Step # 3: Select the Correct Bracing then Add to Cart (Typically allow for 25% product overhang on each side)
Step # 4: Place Order and CRN will Call or Email you with Freight & Shipping Details

Are you having trouble figuring out what cantilever rack system is right for your application? We can help. We offer expert advice for the products that you will be storing. Our staff will ensure that you get the right product for your industrial storage application. If you are moving to a new warehouse we also do offer warehouse design help.