Creating a Cantilever Rack System for Your Warehouse

What is a Cantilever Racking System?Cantilever rack system

A cantilever rack system is a series of cantilever racks designed to store products in a warehouse or storage facility. Unlike traditional pallet racking, cantilever rack systems consist of uprights and protruding arms that bear the load.

There are double and single-sided cantilever racks, and a system may include both kinds depending on the application and floor plan.

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What Types of Products Are Stored On Cantilever racking?

Cantilever rack systems are unique because they efficiently store odd-shaped and long products that other storage systems cannot. The extended cantilever rack arms are free of obstructions which significantly widens the system’s storage capabilities. Here are some things you may find on a cantilever rack system:

  • Lumber
  • Steel piping
  • Plastic pipe
  • Long length material
  • Furniture
  • Steel sheets
  • Plywood
  • Siding
  • Rebar

How Much Weight Can a Cantilever Racking System Hold?

Cantilever racking systems all have different storage capacities. The cantilever arms dictate cantilever rack capacity. Each cantilever arm is rated for a specific weight, and the product’s weight should never exceed that limit.

Typical cantilever arms come in various capacity ratings ranging from 500-2000 pounds per arm (custom-engineered configurations are also available with heavier capacities). This number is the maximum amount of weight that a single arm in a row can hold.

If an arm is overloaded, deflection is likely to occur. Learn more about cantilever arm deflection and how to calculate your cantilever arm’s deflection point.

The more arms there are in a row of cantilever racking, the more the weight will be dispersed, meaning each arm bears less of the entire load. Setting up your cantilever racking system requires precise calculations to determine the number of arms and what capacity arms you need to choose.

How Do You Assemble a Cantilever Rack System?

Assembling cantilever rack systems is simple. Here are the steps to follow when building a single bay of cantilever racking:

  1. Connect the upright to the base
  2. Attach the brace sets to the uprights
  3. Once your structure is up, attach the arms with pins
  4. Anchor your system
  5. Finally, add any accessories or safety products

How Do You Design a Warehouse Rack Floor Plan?

Designing a warehouse rack floor plan requires intensive planning, CAD drawings, facility considerations, and adherence to local safety standards.

A warehouse rack floor plan is carefully crafted around the product and application. The product dictates how tall and wide the system should be. The product dictates which arms to use and how many racking bays are required.

It’s best to contact a professional for large cantilever racking system designs. For help choosing the right cantilever racking, call 888-680-2256. We will happily help you select and design your cantilever rack system!